May 10th,2017 Bible Readings

1 Samuel 8:1-9:27 ~ John 6:22-42 ~ Psalm 106:32-48 ~ Proverbs 14:34-35

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Old Testament – We have some great dramatic reading today in First Samuel!  Tyndale’s One Year Bible Companion today has some good food for thought to the question of Why did Israel want a king? – “

  • 1. Samuel’s sons were not fit to lead Israel
  • 2. The 12 tribes of Israel continually had problems working together because each tribe had its own leader and territory.  It was hoped that a king would unite the tribes into one nation and one army.
  • 3. The people wanted to be like the neighboring nations.

This is exactly what God didn’t want.  Having a king would make it easy for them to forget that God was their read leader.”  In First Samuel Chapter 8 we hear Samuel passing on God’s warning to how the king will treat the people…


Can you imagine hearing these words of Samuel if you were Saul in First Samuel 9:20 today: And I am here to tell you that you and your family are the focus of all Israel’s hopes.”  All you are doing is looking for your dad’s lost donkeys and all of the sudden you hear this from the seer!  Whew…   You know though – I will say this.  Being in relationship with God is always an adventure.  I think oftentimes we will start out on a journey to do one thing and God ends up taking us some place completely different.  Saul is about to embark on an adventure.  You and I have the opportunity to embark on an adventure with God each and every day.  I know that there are many times that God sends me into places & situations I would have never thought imaginable.  That’s the adventure of faith.  It truly is not boring!  I honestly think that life apart from God is truly boring.  The secular life is boring.  The materialistic life is boring.

  • If you are feeling bored these days, will you break free and wholeheartedly pursue an adventurous relationship with the Lord?

An image is below for 1 Samuel 9:11 today – As they were climbing a hill toward the town, they met some young women coming out to draw water. So Saul and his servant asked, “Is the seer here today?”


New Testament Wow… verses 28 & 29 in John chapter 6 are so beautiful and simple that I think it is easy to miss the strong meaning behind this conversation between the crowd & Jesus – “They replied, “What does God want us to do?” Jesus told them, “This is what God wants you to do: Believe in the one he has sent.””  Check out that very last sentence.  This is what God wants you to do.  Believe.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.  Believe.  Not give away all your money to the poor.  Not do thousands of good deeds.  Not become a perfect person over night.  Just believe.  Believe.  Yeah, okay, maybe God will ask you to give away some money and do good and become better person after you believe…  🙂  But the key is first and foremost to Believe.

  • Do you Believe in Jesus, the One whom God sent?


And verse 35 is so powerful as well – “Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. No one who comes to me will ever be hungry again. Those who believe in me will never thirst.”  Jesus saying he is the bread of life is similar to him saying he is the Door or the Vine.  Bread is a beautiful metaphor that Jesus supplies divine nourishment to us spiritually.  For me, this verse also reminds me of The Lord’s Supper in our churches today.


Psalms Psalm 106 verse 39 stood out to me today, speaking about the Israelites: “They defiled themselves by their evil deeds, and their love of idols was adultery in the LORD’s sight.”  I think this Psalm verse stands the test of time with our modern world today.

  • Do you believe that we still defile ourselves with our evil deeds today?
  • Do you believe that our love of idols is adultery in God’s sight?
  • How can we stop defiling ourselves with evil deeds and stop loving idols in our modern world today?
  • Who can save us from ourselves?

Proverbs Proverbs chapter 14 verse 34 today teaches us today:Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”  This is a great reminder that godliness is not just an individual issue, but a community and even national issue.

Please join us in memorizing and meditating on a verse of Scripture today: “Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”  John 6:35 TNIV

Prayer Point:

  • Pray that Jesus is your bread of life.
  • Pray that through faith in Jesus you will never be spiritually hungry or thirsty.
  • Pray you will withstand hunger or thirst in this fallen world, knowing that Jesus is your bread of life.

Comments from You & Questions of the Day

  • Do you agree with this Proverb that godliness makes a nation great?
  • In our recent readings in Judges, was Israel a godly nation?   Or was there sin in the nation bringing disgrace?
  • How about today?  Do you live in a godly nation?  Or is there sin bringing disgrace to the people?
  • Also, what verses or insights stand out to you in today’s readings?

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Love, Trust and Obey Jesus,

Melwyn Misquitta

Bible Reading Plan For 11th May:

  • 1 Samuel 10:1-11:15
  • John 6:43-71
  • Psalm 107:1-43
  • Proverbs 15:1-3

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