February 27th Bible Readings

daily reading

Leviticus 20:22-22:16 ~ Mark 9:1-29 ~ Psalm 43:1-5 ~ Proverbs 10:18
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Worship God: Our readings today in Leviticus and Psalms reminded me of Josh Wilson’s song “I Refuse:”…

Watch And Listen Herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIv_zkOC97Q

Do you refuse to live a lukewarm life? 

Please join us in memorizing and meditating on a verse of Scripture today: “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” Psalm 43:5 NIV

Prayer Point:

Pray that when you are downcast you will put your hope in God.

Pray that you will always praise God, even when you are downcast.

Pray for your Savior and your God to comfort you.

Comments from You & Question of the Day –

What do you think of the point in the Psalms section?  I find it to be very powerful – and relates to the OT reflections on being “set apart.”

How do you set yourself apart from the world for God?  Are there particular movies or TV or radio programs that you will not watch or listen to?

Should we set boundaries for ourselves on what we will and will not watch?

I do think that we should think about the Holy Spirit indwelling in us and how we might want to set ourselves apart on occasion of what we won’t participate in, that the rest of the world wouldn’t blink at participating in.

What are some examples of how you try to set yourself apart from the world for God?  Also, what verses or insights stand out to you in today’s readings?

Please post your comments below:

God bless you ,

Melwyn Misquitta


9 thoughts on “February 27th Bible Readings

  1. I really liked the pray points its amazing as per Psalms 43: 5, Yes Have to make this prayer regularly, So that we may have Hope nd confidence in God. Whatever the circumstances may be.. we may never Give up.


  2. The verse that stands out for me in today’s reading is psalm 43:5
    It gives me a hope, that no matter how distressed my soul is no or what I am going through, God knows it all, and I can Always hope in him, for he will surely deliver me!


  3. To set apart oneself from worldly things on its own is very difficult. .. nd just deciding to turn off the television or radio nd stop watching movies.. will not at all help us in succeeding to live a Holy life, For which we are intended to live..
    But when we come into connection with God’s living Word nd daily meditating on His word day nd night.. Holy spirit help us to set us apart from the worldly desire…Holy spirit teaches us to Surrender the things whichever is hindering us to live Holy ie. Practicing Righteous… if ever we fail to do it Holy spirit Comforts us nd by His conviction,He slowly make us stand again and help us to walk with God nd set apart from all distraction.


  4. And as I said earlier, I try to set myself apart from the world for God through my actions. I try to show Christ in me through my actions by thinking what would Jesus do if he was in my situation. This really helps.


  5. And about setting boundaries regarding what to watch on TV and what not, I think once we truely are filled with the holy spirit we automatically tend to watch what is right. But yes, in the beginning it takes effort. So yes, I think it is necessary that we set boundaries on what we should watch and what not to watch.

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  6. I think the best way to set ourselves apart from the world for God is our actions. Actions speak louder than words. If people notice that u are slow to anger, patient, positive, helpful, kind etc. they will get drawn to u and want to know how is it possible to stay this way in today’s world. That is the time when we can talk about Jesus, who has called us to be that way. The best sermon is not preached by r lips, it is preached by r lives! People can’t see Christ, they can just see Christians. So we Christians should show the world Christ through r deeds and actions.

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  7. From today’s psalm reading I feel its saying that we mustn’t lose hope. We will be delivered from whatever distress we r going through, whatever troubles r heart. We will be able to sing with joy again! Its only a matter of time, our God will never leave us nor let us be ashamed. With hope and the right heart of faith, God will surely deliver us!

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